Monday, February 20, 2006

We Like Feisty. Feisty is Good: By Heidi Schnakenberg

There is an excellent article today in the BBC News on Girija Devi's fearless mission to rebuild her community in the state of Bihar in India, in which she breaks through tough as nails barriers to make change happen.

In the rejected "untouchable" Musahar world in backwoods India, this woman is breaking through unimaginable classism and extraordinary obstacles as a woman to make her world a better place. While I don't necessarily agree with her stance that alcohol is the root cause of abuse toward women - it is really an erroneous gender ideaology that makes this happen - I have enormous respect for her cause and her strength.

Devi and her fellow female leaders are terrific examples of the power of women when they unite - having the courage to shave their men's heads when they catch them drinking up a storm, and ravaging liquor pots around village. The fire of a good woman like this is unstoppable, as evidenced by her continued efforts to improve everything from healthcare in the area to literacy.

Whatever drives Devi is sure to have positive results for women - women in the U.S. could certainly use her as well. Her courage is a source of inspiration that should be copied the world over, and may the Goddesses bless her when she speaks to the United Nations at the 50th Commission on the Status of Women on February 27th.


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